Meet Miia Torera

Miia Torera

Miia Torera (Miiato) is a children’s book author and the creator of the superhero series, the I.S.A.  The series features three preschool heroes–The Incredible I, Starboi, and the Amazing Amaziah–whose heroic and entertaining adventures are only outmatched by their imagination.

Her stories “Enter the Mummy” and “Chocolate Crisis” are humorous takes on family dynamics, teamwork, and the universal childhood obsession with chocolate cookies.  Both stories debuted at the top of Amazon Kindle’s Hot New Releases List for Children’s Superhero Action & Adventure Stories and spent several days on several bestseller lists in their categories.

As a self-confessed comic book geek, on any given weekend Miia is reading through her comic collection of classic Naija comic strips like Papa Ajasco; the Franco-Belgian adventure comics TinTin, Lucky Luke, and Asterix & Obelix; and collector’s editions of Archie, The Beano, Bunty, and Golden Age American comics.